Standards in Hyperspectral Imaging

Within applications including environmental monitoring, medical imaging, and manufacturing, the demand for high-quality hyperspectral imaging is higher than ever.

But as the interest in spectral imaging increases, so does the need for the establishment of international standards.

Standards come in a wide variety: performance and calibration specifications, measurement and recording data formats, universal nomenclature and best practices, just to name a few. Standards are critically important in creating an environment with established reference points for all individuals, research groups, corporations and all other entities that utilize hyperspectral imaging technology. Such common ground is necessary to optimize innovation and understanding, and Gooch & Housego is proud to contribute to a community-based effort to establish international standards that will eventually lead to the realization of the full potential of hyperspectral imaging.

Spectral Imaging & Synthesis Product Development

Gooch & Housego offers the latest innovative and high-performance imaging and illumination solutions for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging applications for uses including the life sciences, medical screening, and remote sensing, as well as security and defense. Check out these innovative offerings:

  • The Gooch & Housego OL 490 Agile Light Source is a breakthrough product that employs Texas Instruments DLP® technology to produce an entirely programmable spectral emission from monochromatic band-passes and continua.
  • The Gooch & Housego HSi Series Hyperspectral Imaging Platforms utilize proprietary Acousto-Optic tunable filter (AOTF) technology to create high-quality diffraction-limited images with dynamically variable band-pass at previously unrealized speeds.
  • The SpecCam Imaging Photometer is a ruggedized infrared camera that is optimized to detect variations in materials, specific compounds, contaminants, and minerals through the use of detailed real-time images of moving or stationary samples. Each individual pixel in a SpecCam image has spectral information that is waiting to be used to spotlight any changes.
  • The PhiLumina VNIR400-PL2 is a lower-cost, fast (USB-3) and portable visible and near infrared (VNIR) scanning hyperspectral imaging system that is ready to capture, process, validate and save important data. It is a versatile and economical system that is well-suited for field use as well as laboratory use.

For more information on their complete line of spectral imaging and synthesis products, please call us at 400-921-9858

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